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New automated solutions for the impregnation and winding of towpreg

The “SMART TOW WINDING project” aims to develop a new technology of filament winding for the production of composite products.

The filament winding will be characterized by a high degree of automation and control, able to carry out the winding of towpreg at high speed.

Future Results:

  • Development of an automated filament winding technology at high speed
  • Study and development of an on-line control system during the winding process
  • Study and development of methodologies for winding towpreg

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SEFIRO project

Sensing of FIbre through Robotization

The project aims to define, develop and validate an industrial “pressure vessel” demonstrator manufactured in filament winding of preimpregnated carbon fibers (towpreg) and sensorized by AJP (Aerosol Jet Printing) additive printing technology.


Future Results:

  • Definition of a new sensorized pressure vessel by an advanced winding process of towpreg filaments
  • Study and development of a sensorized vessel using AJP technology (Aerosol Jet Printing – an innovative additive manufacturing technique able to deposit a wide range of materials (conductive, dielectric, biological, nanoparticles, etc.) on a micrometric scale)
  • Intelligent design of sensorized pressure vessels to increase surveillance, damage prevention and security

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Ministry of Economic Development

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