Filament Winding


Automated Robot Stations

Customized Robot Station
Automated robot stations represent the cutting-edge of innovation in composite field. These state-of-the-art solutions combine robotic precision and intelligent technologies to optimise every step of the production process. From stacking materials to curing them, our automated systems ensure flawless control and unparalleled repeatability, minimising waste and maximising efficiency. Ideal for high volume production, these stations can be customised to suit different production requirements and are integrated with real-time monitoring systems for optimal management.
Customized Robot Station

Production Lines

We offer complete solutions for integrated production lines in the composites industry. These lines are designed to maximise the synergy between different production phases, from resin mixing and lamination to cutting and assembling. A fully-automation of them guarantees efficiency, repeatability and superior quality of final products. With a wide range of tailor-made solutions, we help reduce downtime and increase productivity.

Revamping Outdated Machines

revamping outdated machines
Revamping outdated machines is part of our portfolio of expertise. Over time, even the best equipment may need updating to remain competitive in the market. We offer a complete revamping service, which includes upgrading existing machines and systems with the latest technology. This not only extends the life of machines, but also improves their efficiency and operational safety. Our approach is customisable: we analyse the specific needs of each customer to propose solutions that improve final performance and reduce operating costs.
revamping outdated machines

Winders and Unwinders

Our winders and unwinders are designed to handle a wide range of composite materials with maximum efficiency. Essentials for preparation and processing of composite fibres and fabrics, whether pre-impregnated or not, these devices ensure constant and precise tension, crucial for maintaining materials properties and integrity. Available in different configurations, they can be integrated into existing production lines or used as stand-alone units.



Our team will find the most efficent, reliable and cost effective solutions that suit your needs!

Comec has entered the world of composites as a high-precision machinery expert and has demonstrated the will to experiment and innovate.

We have found fascinating answers to complex questions in a close and extremely competitive market. Meticulous studies and numerous tests let us gain know-how and expertise not only in mechanical construction but also in processes, such as impregnation, filament winding, automated tape layer and automated fiber placement and others. We built strong partnerships with raw material and resin production leaders to facilitate end-user and supplier feedback.

Comec has customers in every continent, our international team speaks many foreign languages. We are ready to study your necessity and provide you with all the technical data to help you choose between our semi-standard solutions, upgrade your process or start a completely new project from scratch.



  • Technical Consultation
  • High and stable productivity
  • Versatility and adaptability
  • Modular improvable structure
  • Easy Setup
  • Smart Cleanup/Maintenance
  • User-friendly interface
  • Immediate worldwide support