About Us

COMEC Innovative aims to become the baseline of expectations for the development and delivery of composite machinery for sustainable industrial and scientific applications of the future for the benefit of mankind.

To develop customized Towpreg, Prepreg, Filament Winding, ATL and AFP machines for a mass production from semi-standard solutions based upon decades of experience in composite technologies.

COMEC Innovative is a right partner in process implementation for smart composites material production.

Our 50 years of continuous presence in high technology applications is the best guarantee for the quality of our working method and our machines.

Our History

In 1965, the Trevisan family has established COMEC for production of micrometrical high precision machine tools and, specifically, parallel lathes in Abruzzo. Competence, commitment and orientation to innovation has led Comec to a national level in supplying of machines for professional and industrial institutes.


In 1973, COMEC produced the first prototype of numerically controlled lathe, a futuristic solution for a company in Italy.

In the early 1980s, COMEC has entered the automotive market and started a supply of automated and robotic machines, collaborating also with big Italian brands.

Since 1990, COMEC entered industrial automation and turnkey supplies sector. The machines, from simple parallel lathes, became integrated systems to produce components assembled in several phases.

In 1997, we have started the designing and manufacturing of machine for high speed personal care production.

In 2014, we have decided to transfer our expertise to the world of composites, designing and manufacturing a new special generation of machines. We produced our first Tow-Preg impregnation machine and focused to improve some characteristics of the resin and fiber on our in-house test stand.

Afterwards, we changed our name to COMEC Innovative to emphasize the desire to not only produce, but research and develop innovative technologies for composites industry in collaboration with raw materials producers, customers and scientific institutes.

Today, COMEC Innovative manufactures special machines for aerospace, aeronautical and automotive markets.

With the help of R&D division, COMEC Innovative is developing filament winding machines of new generation for hydrogen pressure vessels production.

Tight partnerships with raw material and resin production leaders facilitate end-user and supplier feedback to further improve composite technologies and develop cutting-edge innovations.