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Laminating Technologies
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Our lines permit to connect different types of materials:

  • PP or PE Non Woven
  • Breathable PP or PE film
  • Aluminixed film
  • Net film
  • Etc

In such a way it’s possible to obtain an innovative material outside the standards and always in step with the market! Principal units which compose our lines are the following:

Unwinding units with or without system of automatic changeover

Unwinding units of COMEC INNOVATIVE can be of axial type(with or without changeover)or tangential(with or without changeover).


Some characteristics:

  • Material width up to 3.2 m
  • Roll diameter up to 1.6 m
  • Unwinding in clockwise and counterlockwise direction

The system of automatic changeover permits to change the roll with finished material without arrest of the machine, so guaranty production NO-STOP. This system can use two different technologies:

  • Immediate changeover with bi-adhesive (the presence of overlap during the change of the roll)
  • Immediate changeover butt-splice with thermal or ultrasonic technology(absence of overlap during the change of the roll)

Wide experience in this field and continuous technological development led our technical department to make unwinding units efficient and reliable.

Tension Control System

The tension and tension control units of COMEC INNOVATIVE permit to supply the material in perfect condition to the production line, characteristics can be modified.


It is possible thanks to the usage of the following components:

  • Load cells: always provide required tension to the material
  • Distension rolls: prevent formation of unwanted creases
  • Brushless motors

Calender (with ultrasonic, thermobonding or hot melting systems)

Calander unit is the heart of our machines, here the junction of materials takes place by means of one of the following technologies:


Flexographic printing unit

Flexographic printing unit permit to personalize printing of the product with more colours: a personalized product, easily recognized by a consumer, is the secret of success.


Rewinding unit with the automatic changeover system for the production of short or jumbo rolls

Rewinding units of COMEC INNOVATIVE can be whether of axial type(with or without immediate changeover) or tangential (with or without immediate changeover), also such systems were developed both for short and jumbo rolls.



  • With or without system of automatic changeover
  • Type of rewinding axial or tangential
  • Max. diameter of the roll up to 2,4 m
  • Max. width of the roll up to 3,4 m
  • Max. weight of the roll up to 4,5 tons


  • With or without system of automatic changeover
  • Max. diameter of the roll up to 0,4 m
  • Width of the roll from 1 m up to 1,5 m
  • Core diameter 1m

Spool and De-spool unit

spool1COMEC INNOVATIVE works always at research and development, patented the production unit of ROLLS SPOOL in a way to meet the requirements of raw materials manufacturers. These units permit to produce in a continuous way thanks to the automatic changeover systems of the rolls (PATENT of COMEC INNOVATIVE)


  • Linear speed: up to 800 m/min
  • Up to 12 spool units
  • Max. width of the basic roll: 1,3 m
  • Max. diameter of the basic roll up to 2,4 m
  • Max. weight of the basic roll up to 600 kg
  • System of automatic changeover with butt splice

Basing on rewinding spool technology, we worked up DE-SPOOL UNITS, which can be easily installed on the already existing lines (baby/adult diapers or lady napkins machines); they permit material supplying at the line input with the linear speed up to 600 m/min and have the advantage not to damage the material, also thanks to the absence of returns, which twist the product; lastly the final but not less important outcome is reduction of dust during the roll unwinding.

Automatic palletizer

Automatic palletizer is robot equipment used to stack-load the products (boxes, bottles, cartons, sacks, bales, etc.) on the pallet. Palletizer is an apparatus which can be brought in action manually or can be managed by software as well complex; some palletizers can arrange freight in large quantities in a pallet. This system permits considerable saving especially in terms of health, avoiding physical stress of a person, and also in terms of money and time; also accurateness with which automatic palletizers prepare a pallet for its transportation is taken in consideration.